The creation of separate worlds has always been an important part of survival for me. As a child I manifested alternate realities where things from my present reality were altered or simply didn't exist. As an adult I have continued to do this through my practice. Working in multiple mediums that come together to create an installation that most often uses the aesthetics of the interior of my childhood home. My work focuses on the extraction of specific people or events in order to create a new reality where their narrative has either shifted or has been deleted completely. The pieces created have secret conversations with each other, changing the narrative within them over time and with new events.

The main goal is to modify the new realities enough so that the new spaces created allow for certain memories and people to be abducted in my reality and for the newest reality to become the more accurate, which aids in training my brain to believe that things happened in multiple different ways. By using Pataphysics, the philosophy of science invented by French writer Alfred Jarry intended to be a parody of science, as the means to create the most accurate version of a new reality, means the audience is crucial to that creation. The pure unawareness of the viewer allows for the knowledge of past events in my current reality to never exist for them. It is this ignorance that allows for the science of pataphysics to work its magic in the creation of the more accurate alternate space.

In order to acquire the ability to access aesthetics of different timelines and people, I engage in experimental relationships with many mediums, including writing. Through written components, I am able to create more realistic spaces that don't always have a tie to a specific time or place, which encourages creative freedom by testing limits between imaginary and unrealistic aspects with new realities through the use of imaginary physics. Accompanying the visual work with pieces of diaristic narrative permits the audience to participate in a manufactured, semi-understanding based on the context I give within the written work. This also allows me to concede to my own selfish need to purge information onto others as a means of distraction by using the vulnerability in the writing as a tool to distract from the more vulnerable pieces I actively choose to keep to myself.